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We're Back Baby.


 Watch us11am Saturdays on ch.47 century Link 22. & soon on CW!

After a short hiatuses we're back and better then ever with my co-host the talented Tru Hawkins and entertainment reporter CC Spencer you'll be sure to love the show.  

The Show that highlights the rich culture of Las Vegas, its people and their Lifestyles." ~Suzy Saline

The latest venture of entrepreneur Suzy Saline, Las Vegas Lifestyles captivates you each week with stories and insights about Las Vegas from a local's point of view. Filmed on location throughout the valley, Suzy's show covers topics of interest to all of us -- travel, health and beauty, entertainment and dining.

See us on soon!

Join us for a whole new season of Suzy's Las Vegas! I love Vegas and if you do to watch this show. We'll announce show times and dates so stay tuned. 

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