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All Natural Solutions to Pest Problems
TV personality gives solutions to bugs and critters problems the healthiest way possible.
Henderson, Nevada - Nevada's local TV personality and producer of Suzy's Las Vegas Lifestyles, Suzy Saline, graces people with her handy book on killing pests the natural way.
Suzy Saline gives solutions in her new book All Natural Bug & Critter Solutions, a compilation packed with 2000 natural solutions to get rid of bugs and critters,
and 150 natural home remedies for dogs and cats. This book also contains pictures of insects and pests for identification. The book is 409 pages.
This book is perfectly made for everyone bothered by pests and at the same time wants to make sure their health is not compromised in the process of getting rid of them. Suzy believes in her book so much she will give it to you Free. Just pay shipping and handling of 7.99. Perfect gift for you or a friend .

Suzy's Book

SKU: 9780578171210
$19.99 Regular Price
$1.00Sale Price

    I am a Pet Parent and I believe in this book so much. I will give you my 409 page book FREE. All you have to pay is 7.99 Shipping & Handling.

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